My name is Victoria and I am the founder of Lucky7Angels.  I have been thinking about this cause all of my life.   I know from my personal experience what a difference LUCK and a helping hand can make.

Lucky7Angels was created as a charitable organization for the purpose of sharing the message of Love, Hope and Luck to all those innocent people who are faced with true reversals of fortune through no fault of their own.

I have worked in the gaming industry most of my life.  It was here where I learned the meaning of the word LUCK:  a success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one's own actions.


It was while working with gaming companies throughout Latin America that I was able to see and meet face to face many who are impacted by truly unlucky circumstances.  I was unlucky enough to be visiting a casino in Chile when the big 8.8 magnitude Earthquake hit in 2010.  However, it was through this work in the gaming industry that I realized that Luck and Hope are available to all of us.  This is what brought me to create this organization: we all are struck by good luck and bad luck throughout our lives and we should all be grateful when times are good and share with others. Pay it forward!

Each of us can make a difference and together cause great positive changes in the lives of many innocent people who are suffering.  We can all be a Lucky Angel to someone in need and share in the fullness of life and love by spreading luck and hope for abundance into someone's life.

Much of our initial fund raising efforts are focused on working with organizations that are helping innocent children who are being challenged by very unlucky circumstances outside of their control.  Our goal is to share some of the unwanted and insignificant spare change from lucky players, and use it to fund these organizations who work with individuals to turn their luck around and transform their lives by showing them hope, love, compassion, fun and play, all very important in the healing process of someone who is facing great adversity.

We are selecting charitable organizations that have a proven record of harnessing a sustainable commitment to help people turn their lives around.  Lucky7angels is an organization dedicated to raising awareness among players and presenting them with a great opportunity to have a positive impact in the world.  Many of us are incredibly lucky, and we are bringing you a great opportunity to redirect some of this good fortune to those who have a less fortunate life.

Victoria Parrott, Founder