Lucky 7 Angels

Our hearts and prayers go out to all the victims and families afflicted in the California fires and the Las Vegas tragedy and those who responded so bravely to the emergency response.

Lucky 7 Angels is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization committed to connecting participants from the global gaming industry to well-known and established charities around the world.

  1. Lucky 7 Angels at the G2E Conference 2017

                                                Lucky 7 Angels at G2E 2017


Dear Friends,
    The damage and loss of life in Las Vegas and the devastation caused by hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria, as well as the two recent devastating earthquakes in Mexico have brought great suffering to many innocent people and is weighing heavily on our industry.   
Today, I am asking all G2E participants for your help!
    Lucky 7 Angels is humbly working to unite the gaming industry in its shared hope for the recovery of the victims and their loved ones from the terrible tragedy in Las Vegas.  We are enlisting your help during the duration of this convention to raise sufficient funds to make an impact on the emergency efforts to help bring food, water, shelter and clothing to these hard-hit communities throughout the Caribbean, Mexico and the Southeastern coastal States . All donations received by Lucky 7 Angels will be sent to The Red Cross.
     Please take this opportunity to be generous so the positive impact of our industry can be felt.  
No matter how powerful the storm is, the sun will shine again!
With gratitude,
Victoria Parrott, Founder of Lucky 7 Angels


Our Lucky 7 Angels at G2E in 2016

Our Vision:

To give players the opportunity to donate leftover change from gaming tickets to positively impact charitable causes through our innovative and patented "SHARE YOUR LUCK" technologies.

We also raise social awareness among player and industry leaders and unite their collective power to raise funds for charities that help those in need while enhancing the gaming industry.  

Take Action and Share Your Luck Today! 

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